Guy-Perkins teachers loaded up on a school bus to visit with students and pass out free Popsicles throughout the community Wednesday and Thursday.

The group of high school and elementary educators, along with Superintendent Shade Gilbert, passed out around 25 frozen treats during the outreach event.

The Popsicle plan, he said, started out as a way to acclimate the new staff to the district, but turned into a fun occasion for everyone.

"[It was] a good little gesture for our community and showed we care," Gilbert said. "We just love our kids."

He said the experience was fun and they enjoyed seeing the students before the school year started and visiting with the families.

The kids, Gilbert said, thanked them and seemed to be excited to start up the new year at Guy-Perkins.

"Just completely positive thoughts," he said. "It’s been a completely enjoyable event for our staff. Every kid has had a smile on their face."

The new superintendent started at the district July 1 and said his favorite part of the ride was seeing the kids and the excitement that they displayed toward seeing their teachers and getting a free dessert.

"Just makes you remember why you got in this business in the first place," he said.

This week, the district has gathered in preparation of school starting Aug. 14.

Gilbert said everyone is gearing up.

"Staff seems to be pumped up and ready to go," he said. "We’re just ready to start. [We’re] excited to get the school year started and have a wonderful, wonderful year."

Guy community member Lacey Blair Wilson told the Log Cabin Democrat that while her kids and their friends were out playing in the yard Wednesday, the bus stopped right in front of their house and was filled with teachers and faculty.

"We are a small community and a smalls school," she said. "Our principal and teachers went out of [their] way today to show these kids they are loved and ready to start this school year. The smiles on these kids faces were absolutely priceless seeing that bus filled with people they look up to."

Wilson said they are proud to be Guy-Perkins Thunderbirds.