Family Night at Conway Christian Schools means no homework.

President Jason Carson said on the last Tuesday of every month the school encourages its families to spend time together and frees up students’s nights by not sending home any homework. The school also encourages families to document the activities through using #weareconwaychristian on Facebook.

He said the free night gives families the opportunity to be intentional and give each other their time in the midst of this busy world full of schedules and constant moving.

The decision to bring the idea to Conway Christian, Carson said, came to him after seeing a school in another state implementing the monthly fun night, communicating to its community how important they saw family time.

Carson said that mission is exactly what Conway Christian is all about; the night is more than just being there sitting on the couch but it’s about engaging with one another.

The school started Family Night last year and Tuesday night, families throughout the area participated for the first time this year and activities included going out to eat, participate together in board games, enjoy a movie together and more.

Carson said he and his family went swimming, picked up a pizza and watched a movie before bed.

Hannah Buck — her daughter Braelyn goes to Conway Christian — and her family enjoyed a fun game of Head Bandz that resulted in "lots of laughs and good quality time away from school work and responsibilities."

"We usually opt for board games on these nights because it’s something my child especially enjoys doing as a family," she said.

Buck said it can be a challenge finding time throughout the week to unwind and have a fun between her family’s daily activities, jobs and school work for everybody.

"Family Night is special because not only is it fun and gets the kids looking forward to something new during the week but it also helps to set an example for the kids that family time is them most important time [and] that it’s OK to set work aside and make sure you’re spending it with those who matter most."