A group of students from St. Joseph School took a field trip to McGehee and Rohwer, Arkansas Oct. 20.

The eighth graders from the school’s Arkansas history class visited a Japanese- American Internment Camp Museum and nearby cemetery.

During World War II more than 16,000 Japanese-Americans were forced to leave their homes on the West Coast and confined in relocation camps near Rohwer and Jerome, Arkansas," a news release said. "They were held there until the war ended."

According to a release, the museum contains many photographs and artifacts from the camps and several of those who died in the camp are buried in a cemetery near Rohwer.

The group of students made rubbings from some of the tombstones they found in the cemetery, viewed a kiosk with sounds from actor George Takei who was imprisoned as a child with his family at the camp and read autobiographies of camp internees during the trip.