LITTLE ROCK — Proposal No. 9, passed Monday by the narrowest of votes by the Arkansas Activities Association Governing Body of representatives from all schools, will call for major changes in classifications and conferences in the state.

There will be six enrollment classifications instead of seven.

However, football classifications and conferences will remain the same.

For other sports, the 16 largest schools by average daily enrollment will be in 6A, the next 32 in 5A, the next 48 in 4A. The remaining number of schools will be divided by three and placed in 1A-3A by enrollment with the greatest number assigned to 1A if not divisible by three.

Classifications for other sports will be as follows:

Wrestling: 4A-6A

Volleyball: 2A-6A

Tennis: 2A-6A

Swimming and diving: 4A-6A

Soccer: 3A-6A

Cross country: 2A-6A

Bowling: 3A-6A

All-girl cheer: 2A-6A

Coed cheer: two classifications

Dance: 3A-6A

Basketball, baseball and softball

6A: Two eight-team conferences

5A: Four eight-team conferences

4A: Six conferences with no fewer than seven and no more than nine schools.

3A: Eight conferences with no fewer than seven and no more than nine schools.

2A: Number of conferences based on participation

1A: Same as 2A.



Track and field


In other business, the Governing Body easily passed a revised policy and review for ejections, limiting football players to five quarters per calendar day, allow student in district conversion charter schools the same eligibility opportunities of other students in the school district.

Also schools will be required to select three consecutive days (Dec. 23-27) as a three-day Christmas dead period with no activity. School teams are also limited to a maximum of eight days of competitive activities per sport during summer break.

Sportmanship Awards went to: Bryant (7A), Jonesboro (6A), Greene County Tech (5A), Hamburg (4A), Rose Bud (3A), Poyen (2A) and Sparkman (1A).

Ed Sellers, retired administrator and AD at Vilonia, received a citations for years of service to Arkansas high schools.