Hendrix football coach Buck Buchanan stepped into different waters this summer.

He and his partner claimed first in the North Little Rock pool of the Big Bass Bonanza and won $12,000.

They were .14 of a pound from winning the $50,000 first prize.

Yeh, there’s a story of the big one that got away.

Like a shifty back, a $38,000 fish slipped from a hook’s grasp and swam away in the Arkansas River.

It was like being stopped on four chances on the goal line with a title on the line.

"I mean, I won $12,000 but what I thought about was losing $38,000," he said.

Buchanan c0mpetes on the water like he does on the football field.

"Fishing is like coaching and playing," he said. "I’m going to go for it every time. This time, it was me and the fish."

The big one was hooked. As it fought, it got caught in a rock dyke (a split rock wall).

The problem was anglers are not allowed to get out of the boat.

"If we could, I’d jump out flashing and have gone after that fish," Buchanan said.

So, no avail. Another one that got away.

Still, $12,000 is a decent consolation prize.

"But I felt like I’d gone 10-0 and missed the playoffs," Buchanan said.