Jerry Roberts wrote this poem for the teachers and staff in the Vilonia School District. It was read at the district’s teacher breakfast held Aug. 14.

T’was just days before school starts and all through the halls

The teachers are doing lesson plans and hanging things on the walls

Everyone is ready, the classified and certified

And if it wasn’t for the first lady, we could have food that was fried.

Dr. David Stephens is the new leader, he has been handed the reigns

And he will whistle and shout and call out their names

Now Lombardi, Kelly, Ashley, Walters, Loyd, Riggins and Sellers

If you do a good job, I will look like one really smart feller.

Every teacher works hard, they all do their part.

And I can’t wait to see the pictures on the walls from the students in art.

The campus looks great; the buildings are all washed and cleaned.

And the paint is being completed by an old pair of Gene’s.

The band, agri, cheerleaders and sports teams are working with all their might

And in just a few short weeks, we will have Friday night lights.

The spring sports, last year, they all really did great

I think almost every team went really far in state.

And the boys track team, can they give us one more

If they win state this year, this will make number four

All of the in-service we have endured this week, no one has been bored

And, I bet you chomping at the bit to teach common core

Vilonia has lots of good teachers; it’s not hard to tell

And when our students get to college, they do really well

When the tornado came through, no one knew where we would land

But the next day many of you were out lending a helping hand

People through our school and town was done, but boy they were wrong

Because they didn’t know we were coming back Vilonia strong.

Bet that was some really great food you all just had

And I know we better not ever make the lunch ladies mad.

So it won’t be long the buses with all the kids will be on the way

But if Erin Rappold makes me a pie, I will try and get you and August snow day.

Let me close this thing down and get out of here

And I hope and pray you all have a great school year.