Breed isn’t everything. Growing up, I had many dogs, cats and horses, but Sir Reginald Von Bird Dog was the man. He was a Golden Retriever that we bought when he was six-weeks-old. Yes, I said bought, because when I was growing up there wasn’t a noticeable overpopulation of animals. Plus, I was a kid and didn’t know anything about rescue.

I digress; this is about Reggie. He went fishing, hunting, riding, walking, playing, and he slept with us. He was a family member. His favorite pastime was riding on the back of a four-wheeler through the bayou in Missouri. Looking back, I realize how much I loved that dog, not because of what we paid but because of who he was. He was my constant companion and my best friend. I can stand up and admit — I am an animal person, always have been and always will be.

I have always taken in every stray that looked hungry, thirsty and abandoned. One of my missions in life is public awareness and saving animals.

People need to understand that some of the best animals in the world don’t come from a breeder; they can come from a shelter or a rescue. I am not a breed specific rescue. I have rescued Labs, Dutch Shepherds, Dachshunds (weenie dogs) and Mountain Curr, as well as many other full-bloods — not because of the breed but because of the situation. Some have been shelter dogs and some have been owner-surrender. Every animal is different, but every animal is special.

Most of my rescues now are mixed. I have a Cocker Spaniel/Beagle, Cocker Spaniel/Chocolate Lab, Feist, Presa Canario (Argentine Mastiff), Pit/Unsure, German Shepherd/No Clue. The point is all of these babies are great and want the same thing. They want love, affection, attention, treats and a spot in the middle of the bed.


Nestle is a prime example. She is the Cocker Spaniel/Chocolate Labrador mix. She is the size of a Cocker and has the looks of a Chocolate Lab. She is so sweet she will give you a toothache. Nestle came to me as an owner-surrender. The situation isn’t the fault of anyone. It is a life situation. She is a whopping 16 pounds of energy and fun. She plays queen of the mountain on the window seal, in the back yard and she loves wrestling. However, her favorite pastime is belly-rubbing and cuddling. She is very shy in the beginning, and it will take her time to get to know you. She would do great in a home with older kids and another dog to entertain her. She is spayed and up-to-date on shots.

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