Neighbors living at the end of South Mount Olive Road in Vilonia are on a mission to track down the culprit who dumped an outdated sofa and recliner on the side of the road just a hop, skip and a jump from their front doors.

The time frame of the crime, according to Angela Wilson, was between 3:40-4:30 p.m. on a weekday in broad daylight. She’s one of the five neighbors who live in the area. Wilson established the time frame because she was at her house the rest of the day and could have seen the person in the act if she had been there.

"We couldn’t believe our eyes," said Angela Wilson. "The neighbors and I just didn’t know anything to do but gawk at it."

According to Wilson, the neighbors have had their fill of being victims and they are taking a stand. Photos are being circulated with hopes that someone will recognize the living room furniture and squeal on the offender. Also the sheriff’s department has been alerted. The area, Wilson said, is a dumping place for not only trash but unwanted animals. Many of the animals, she said, were in a "bad condition," and she has nursed them back to health.

"The week after the tornado, someone dropped off a treadmill," she said, voicing her frustration.

Searching through some dumped trash bags a while back, law enforcement officers found names on mail and they dealt with that person.

Perhaps, Wilson said, those dumping are searching for a temporary dumping station that was once set up on S. Mt. Oliver after the 2011 tornado and illegally dump when they can’t find it.

"We live in the county and if we are dumped on, we have to clean it up and we have to pay for someone else’s problem," Wilson said. "I wish they would think about that the next time they decide to get rid of something. That’s all. If they don’t want it at their place, I can’t help but think they would know we wouldn’t want it either. "

Anyone with information should contact the sheriff’s department.