One lucky person is about to become a multi-millionaire, after buying a winning Mega Millions ticket in Stuttgart.

The winning ticket was sold on Friday, at the Valero gas station on E. 22nd Street. The jackpot was $177 million, and the winner has yet to come forward.

"Everybody's wanting to know, that's the biggest question," said Joy White, the store manager. 

It's the first Mega Millions jackpot won in Arkansas, and it's the state's largest jackpot.

"Hopefully, it's an Arkansan, and it will be history, and it'll be a great story," says Bishop Woosley, the director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

"I said no way, you know, just didn't believe it,” said White. “Couldn't believe it.”

White says of course rumors are floating around about who the winner could be, but nothing concrete.

Since selling the winning ticket on Friday, the store has seen more customers hoping to get their hands on millions also.

"I would improve life for me and my family and a few other people,” says Linda Montgomery, a customer who has won $500 playing the lottery before. “I wouldn't leave some other people out also. I'd bless a lot of people."

"The first thing I would do is buy me a home and get all my sisters and brothers taken care of, and my nieces and nephews and the grandkids," says Arletha Davis, who visits the gas station often.

Oddly enough, just a few weeks ago, White gave a pep talk to some customers who thought Arkansas would never see a Mega Millions winner.

"And I told them guys you gotta have faith,” says White. “I said, ‘it'll happen here one day.’ I never actually thought it would.”

The cash value of the winning ticket is $107 million. The winner can take the cash option to get $71-$72 million, after taxes.

The store will get a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Before Friday night, White says the largest win her store has seen is $50,000 on a scratch-off.