LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The FBI says there were nearly 1,900 instances of internet crime in Arkansas for 2016, from nonpayment scams to cyberattacks on state agencies.

The FBI says Arkansas' attacks are a small percentage of the nearly 300,000 cyberattacks tracked nationwide in 2016. But the FBI warns that the state is seeing more complex attacks, including cyberattacks from overseas.

Those complex attacks show a global trend in evolving techniques of infiltrating government, business and personal computer systems.

The most common internet crimes reported in 2016 were nonpayment or non-delivery scams, when a product or service isn't compensated or never received.

According to the FBI, more than $1.3 billion was lost in 2016 through cyberattacks in the U.S., which is the highest total since 2000.