LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A warrant has been issued for the arrest of an Arkansas judge accused of failing to pay state and federal income taxes.

Saline County Circuty Court Judge Bobby McCallister faces four felony charges of failing to pay taxes.

The charges were filed by a special prosecutor Tuesday, hours after a commission that oversees Arkansas judges filed its own charges of failing to pay state and federal income taxes against McCallister.

The Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission said McCallister appears to have filed no more than four tax returns since 1995, but said it isn't clear how much he may owe.

The law firm representing McCallister says they have no comment on the case at this time.

Commission director David Sachar said McCallister remains on the bench. If convicted, Sachar said McCallister faces admonishment, a reprimand or a recommendation that the state Supreme Court remove him from office.

Sachar said the judicial commission will continue to investigate its case against McCallister and will move to file a petition with the Arkansas Supreme Court to ask for the judge to be suspended while the case is ongoing.

"We're pleased to see that the special prosecutor moved swiftly to file criminal charges," Sachar said.

Internal Revenue Service spokesman Clay Sanford said he can't comment on whether the IRS is investigating.