Letter to the Editor: On Senate leadership

When I ran for Arkansas State Senate last year I did so because I believed our district deserved better representation than we were receiving. Plain and simple. In light of recent events involving Jason Rapert, Lance White, and a now infamous tweet, my sentiment is stronger than ever.

It is incredibly obvious now that not only did Jason Rapert tweet his incredibly distasteful passive aggressive remark in regard to Mr. White and his question (which is a very good question in my opinion), but he also repeatedly lied about the truth.

We deserve an elected official that is not so divisive, polarizing, and confrontational. Our state faces several serious crises that deserve our immediate attention. These are issues we could easily work together on across the partisan divide.

Arkansas is No. 1 in teenage pregnancy rates, we have the fastest growing prison population in the country, and higher education costs are crushing the next generation before they even have a chance to get started in life. The foster care system is way overburdened and children and senior citizens are going hungry every day across our state.

In 2014, the voters of Senate District 35 chose Republican leadership. Of course, I would much prefer they choose a Democrat next time, but if the voters again insist on electing a Republican in the future I hope to God they will have the sense and the courage to elect one who is not so divisive, polarizing and dishonest as Jason Rapert.

— Tyler Pearson, Conway