This year, our Conway Schools have adopted six Core Values for our school district:

Students First.

Staff Committed to Excellence.

Value and Respect Diversity.

Provide Innovative Educational Opportunities.

Cultivate Community Relationships.

Maintain A Safe and Caring Environment.

These are our guiding principals that we use each day as we do all our "business." Every classroom lesson, each decision, no matter what aspect of school you look at, the Core Values should be visible in what we do, because they are who we are.

I was reminded of this last week while visiting one of our schools with our School Board and Directors. One of our teachers had written this poem for one of her students. She shared it with us, and I am honored to now share it with you. (with her permission!)

Just for Today…

Just for today…I will let you know I see you and you matter.

Just for today…I will model for you what it means to work hard and be kind even when it is difficult.

Just for today…I will challenge you to think deeper and encourage you to ask questions.

Just for today…I will remember the power of my words in your life and I will choose them wisely.

Just for today…I will strive to learn and grow because the more I know, the better equipped I am to teach you.

Just for today…I will see you for the seven-year-old boy you are, but I will also consider the future man you are becoming and I will treat you with unwavering respect.

Just for today…I will act on these promises to you and all the students entrusted to my care and tomorrow and the following days, I will do the same.

Then one day…We will see the results of many days well lived, and we both will be better for having known each other…just for today.

The poem is based on John Maxwell’s book "Today Matters." The teacher was moved to write it for her student after he showed her a kindness. Her words challenge all of us to make our "todays" count. To see each day as an opportunity to truly make a difference and have an impact on the people in our lives.

Her example shows us a staff member committed to excellence, putting students first. A teacher who values and respects diversity in her classroom, making it a safe and caring environment for her students. She inspires me to remember the responsibility I have to use my life and my job wisely, always considering those who are watching and learning from my example.

Just for today…remember the values you hold and wish to represent. What will your actions today mean for tomorrow?