From sunny golfing days to rainy football days, here is another in a series of David Citations for the interesting, zany and just plain weird in sports:

HOG FUTURES NOT SO GOOD: Tickets for the Arkansas-Kentucky football game were selling on a popular ticket site for $4 apiece.

HE FORGOT THAT HIGH SCORE DOESN’T WIN: A golfer at the 7A boys high school state tournament shot a 165 for 18 holes at Centennial Valley Country Club. The maximum he could shoot was 180 because golfers were required to pick up and move on after 10 strokes.

WORST TANTRUM: Another golfer at the 7A tournament hit a ball into the water, broke his club over his knee and walked off the course.

BEST MONSOON CONDITIONS: The UCA-Stephen F. Austin football game was played in a driving rain at Nacogdoches, Texas. Officials estimated that from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning, parts of east Texas got 11 inches of rain.

BUT THE BAND PLAYED ON, SORT OF: Even in the rain, the SFA band performed at halftime — with a twist. The woodwind players, risking damage to their instruments, did carry them out to the field. But while the brass instruments played, the woodwind members went on with their marching moves while holding "pretend instruments" in their hands and arms.

WINS BLOW THROUGH CLARK COUNTY: Going into Friday, every high school and college team in Clark County (Arkadelphia High, Gurdon High, Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University) was undefeated after five weeks of the football season.

A SALUTE TO SYMMETRY: In the girls 7A golf tournament, both Conway and Fayetteville, the top two teams, teamed for the same total scores each day of the tournament: 244 for Conway each day; 263 for Fayetteville.

AND MORE SYMMETRY: When Vanderbilt played Missouri on Saturday, it was "Mr. Franklin, I presume." The coach for the Commodores is named James Franklin. The quarterback for the Tigers? James Franklin.

AND SCORE SYMMETRY: Faulkner County football scores Friday night were: 49-13; 45-14; 48-27; 48-15; 47-13.

NOT SO MUCH FOR GEOGRAPHY: The way the 7A golf conferences are divided, Bryant is in the West with seven northwest Arkansas teams and Fort Smith Southside and Fort Smith Northside are in the Central with central Arkansas schools.

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