The award, presented after 13 innings of doubleheader play, came as a surprise for Conway’s Cade Jones.

Jones, who played centerfield for the East in the Arkansas High School All-Star baseball game at Bear Stadium, earned the Outstanding Player Award for his team.

Since coaches on both teams used a system in which every player got to bat several times, even if he did not play in the field, official statistics were unavailable.

The East won the first game, 5-4, and the West the second, 7-6.

"I didn’t know why they picked me (for the award), but I’m glad they did," said Jones as he clutched the plaque. "Everyone on the team contributed. Everyone out here is good. It’s an honor with so many good players.

"These were great games and a lot of fun."

Jones heads Saturday for Natchiotoches, La., where he will play baseball for Northwestern State.

Doubleheaders were played Tuesday in baseball and softball.


SCORES: East 5, West 4; West 7, East 6.

Faulkner participants: Joe Allbritton, Mayflower, head coach. Michael Post and Jordan Burns, Mayflower, East team; Cade Jones, Conway, East. Brad Wallace, Vilonia, West assistant. Cameron Wilkins, Vilonia, West. Nash Nichols, St. Joseph, West.

Faulkner highlights: Michael Post, double, scored go-ahead run in first game. Jordan Burns, two-run single in second game. Cade Jones, Outstanding Player, East.

Other honors: Kyle Duncan, Ashdown, MVP. Ty Tice, Prairie Grove (UCA recruit), Outstanding Player, West.

The plan: The coaches allowed players who were not playing in the field to bat.

"The game was played according to the script we coaches had agreed upon," said Allbritton. "We wanted everybody to play and get a lot of at-bats."


Scores: West 4, East 1.

Faulkner participants: Chata Hickey, Conway, head coach East. Kevin Sullivan, Vilonia, head coach West. Kelsea Thrower, Vilonia, manager. Kayla Hickey, Conway, East. Maddie Shaw, Conway, East. Cheyenne Kuhn, Conway. East. Hayley Brewer, Mount Vernon-Enola, East. Sissa Mulligan, Vilonia, West. Autumn Russell, Greenbrier, West. Leah Thomason, Vilonia, West.

Faulkner highlights: Russell, single, stolen base. Thomason, winning pitcher, second game.

Other highlights: Skyler Anderson, Foreman, MVP. Kasey Rook, Hector, Outstanding Player, East. Hayley Hambrick, Batesville, Outstanding Player, West.


Coaches from baseball and softball had some of the toughest challenges in All-Star Week. The players reported Monday afternoon. They were playing slightly more than 24 hours later.

Adjusting to the artificial turf at both Bear Stadium and Farris Field was another challenge.

"We coaches came in Sunday and discussed our roster and developed a plan," said Allbritton. "The players come in on Monday. You practice and then you play. It goes by quickly."