During the past few weeks, a makeover has been ongoing at the city hall. This has been a major inconvenience, and I would like to extend our appreciation for everyone’s patience as we work to get city operations back to normal.

In May, the city applied for two grants to help with the cost of the new maintenance building and a paving project on S. Mt. Olive Rd. On July 25, we received a check from the Arkansas Department of Rural Services for $250,000. We would like to extend our thanks to Sen. Eddie Joe Williams and ADRS director John Andrews for their help in getting the grants to fund our projects.

As we move along with the cleanup from the April tornado, one question is how we are going to rebuild. In response to that question, the Rebuild Vilonia 2014 Committee was formed. The purpose of this committee is to provide assistance to property owners and city officials as the reconstruction of the areas affected by the April 27 tornado takes place. The committee will provide assistance in two ways:

1. To gather ideas and identify plans for reconstruction, and

2. To identify funding from all possible sources (government grants, corporate grants and donations).

I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to serve on the committee. Your time and dedication is what makes our city great. The time we spend working toward a better future for the city of Vilonia will be time well invested.