Angie Longing was recently named the Chief Nursing Officer, Vice-President of Patient Care Services for the Conway Regional Health System. As chief nursing officer, she oversees the patient care provided by more than 600 licensed and unlicensed nursing staff employees."I was very excited about this new opportunity right here in my hometown. I am very lucky to work with nurses on their pursuit of nursing excellence. I get to motivate, encourage, and mentor others along the way to a shared vision where bedside nurses are the voice for patient care. I am honored to be the Chief Nurse and voice at the Executive Leadership table of Conway Regional for all the hard working, frontline nursing staff," Angie said.A native of Beebe, Angie received a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing from the University of Central Arkansas in 1994. She and her husband, Salty Longing, married after college and have continued to live in Conway. Angie and her entire family are deeply rooted in Central Arkansas, and she considers them her inspiration, support and motivation."My daddy was and still is a very hard worker. He instilled work ethic and determination in me at a very young age. My momma has always been my biggest cheerleader. We talk daily, and she still gets excited about even the smallest accomplishments. I understand that this type of support is rare, and I am very blessed to have both of my parents to love and encourage me."I do believe sisters are built-in best friends. Being the youngest of three girls, there were so many things I was able to learn from my sisters - they drove first, got married first, had kids first, sent kids to college first. I still learn from them every day. We all live in Central Arkansas and get together as much as possible."My three children are my world. Chase, my oldest, attends the University of Central Arkansas. He has such a fun, gentle spirit, and I love seeing him spend time with his little sisters. I love that he will still make time to play a game of HORSE with his momma, and I can still beat him some of the time! Claire, 9 years old, is the life of the party and my encourager. She never fails to make me laugh and always has a new song to share! She is very social and keeps us busy with her activities. Cate, 6 years old, is my quiet, determined one. I love to watch her little mind working to figure things out or solve a problem. Of course, without their daddy, Salty Longing, this family would not be able to juggle the busy schedules. He has always been a great support which allowed me to further my career," Angie said.Angie worked for CHI St. Vincent for over 20 years, much of her tenure spent at the Morrilton location, where she worked as an RN and took on various leadership positions such as House Supervisor and Nurse Recruiter. During that time, Angie also completed her Master of Arts in Health Service Management from Webster University, as well as her Nurse Executive Board Certification NE-BC from the American Nursing Credentialing Center. She cannot remember a time when she did not want to be a nurse and credits her Nanny, who volunteered at a local hospital, as her inspiration. Her advice to any young woman who wants to further her career or take on a leadership position includes the following:⢠get experience by taking on additional responsibilities or small leadership roles, ⢠advocate for yourself by expressing interest before an opening is available, ⢠know your areas of opportunity and step outside of your comfort zone to strengthen those areas, ⢠know your strengths, ⢠most importantly, believe in yourself!Working in Conway provides Angie additional opportunities to support her family beloved community. She looks forward to spending more time participating in activities with her daughters at Jim Stone Elementary, as well as involvement in civic organizations. Angie also assists with Sunday school at Fellowship Bible Church."Now that I work locally, I have more opportunities to serve this community. I recently attended my first Chamber of Commerce meeting in Conway, and it was eye-opening to learn of the changes that are happening in our town. I want Conway to be a place that our college graduates call home. I want our community to be a family. I want our community to work and shop locally. Most importantly, I want to ensure I am doing my part to ensure Conway has a quality healthcare system they can turn to when healthcare is needed for their families."