Pam Pruitt's West Conway home is idyllic for those who love falling leaves and all things pumpkin spice. From the elaborately decorated entry to many nooks and crannies throughout the house, almost no surface is without a splash of the oranges, reds, browns, and golds representative of the changing season. Pam is a Conway native. Her family includes husband Charlie and their two daughters, Amanda and Ashley. Amanda is married to Chris Picaro, and they have three sons. Ashley is married to Stacy Dumas, and they have two daughters and a son.Pam has loved fall her entire life. "Back when the girls were little, people didn't decorate for fall like they do now. But we always made a big thing out of it. We visited pumpkin patches when the kids were small, and I have always decorated our house for the season," she shares. She has also collected seasonal decorations for years. Her dining room includes an impressive centerpiece that utilizes an arrangement of pumpkins, sunflowers, leaves, and pinecones. These are placed on a custom table runner. Pam made the topiaries featured in the room. In fact, Pam does all of her own decorating and design. Her sideboard also keeps with the theme and includes a glass container filled with pumpkins and displays a beautiful autumnal platter. The kitchen and hearth room have apple green walls which provide a perfect backdrop for the orange and yellow of Pam's fall décor. "I decorate the entire kitchen countertop each year. I enjoy having things around me that make me happy. I love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I enjoy the decorations during the season," she shares. The table in the hearth room includes one of her favorite elements, place settings in creamy yellow with painted fall leaves and acorns. Pam even adds pumpkins and leaves in bathrooms and other unexpected areas of the home. She often creates pieces on her own, such as adding lighting to ceramic pieces. Pam says she has shopped all over for her fall décor throughout the years, but she particularly enjoys Conway's Classic Touch. "Now our daughters decorate their own homes for the holiday, so it is fun to see the tradition live on," adds Pam. She, Amanda, and Ashley now enjoy pumpkin shopping together. Charlie is instrumental in the outdoor decorations, so it is a family affair. Now, they take their grandchildren to the pumpkin patch each year. "Many family traditions have been made in our home. Fall is a time to give thanks and has also become one of our favorite family traditions!"