While most people concentrate largely on specialized décor for the more public areas of their home, Cindy Hudson Webb made sure that the more private spaces in her home also had a life of their own. In 2015, Cindy built a new home in the Turnberry neighborhood of northwest Conway. When decorating, she made sure that all three of her bedrooms had some sort of theme or consistent design. "In the master suite, I wanted privacy," Cindy said. Included in the décor are double doors that open in the middle and have pretty frosted glass. They also include exotic handles that are very heavy and feature a design of Naga Kanya, an Indian goddess of femininity."The handles have a snake on the bottom. In Indian culture, it's lucky and customary to keep snakes in the home. They don't necessarily want a live snake, so they show up in accessories," she explains.Unmarried at the time of the home building, Cindy said her bedroom was the one place that she made as girly as she wanted to make it. Touches of color, especially pink, are dominant. Cindy refinished the bedroom dresser and incorporated some of her shiny drawer pulls.A featured item in the master bedroom is a piece of art by her friend Steve Griffith, a noted local artist. Cindy said Steve was casually painting one day, and put to the side a painting featuring a free-form red heart. It was apparently painted on the back of a sheet of paper like what comes in a new photo frame - "You know, the paper with the made-up family?" Cindy said she fell in love with the heart painting and asked Steve if she could buy it. He said, "You can have it."The master bath was definitely designed with elegance in mind. A lovely, tiered chandelier hangs over the soaker tub. The light came from an old house and was acquired for Cindy by Gina Hambuchen. Designer Raelynn Calloway took the sparkles up a notch by finding a very shiny and sparkly backsplash.In the huge walk-in closet, there is a three-way mirror. "With this, you can see what your hair looks like, the length of your pants, etc.," she said. It's something she had always wanted to have, and since there was space in her closet, she said "let's go for it."One of the secondary bedrooms has a unique James Bond theme. The collection, it seems, started with one item and unexpectedly blossomed after she received gifts for special occasions. The collection includes lots of posters from various movies and eras of James Bond. Because of her love for cats, Cindy had to include three framed posters of Bond characters with cats - including the infamous Blofeld and his furry white cat. Cindy hosted a James Bond-themed dinner for one of her favorite non-profit groups.For the time being, Cindy's husband, Donald, "shares a closet with 007 in the James Bond room," she said, laughingly. The couple was married in the summer of 2016.A particularly fashion-forward room in Cindy's home is her Chanel Room. This room features items featuring and inspired by Coco Chanel, the French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. Cindy has a friend who sells Chanel for Dillard's, and acquires Chanel-related items with regularity through Chanel-themed parties. In this room, a large painting of Coco Chanel is the focal point. The art was created by her friend, Vivian Noe, a well-known local artist and wife of Steve Griffith. Cindy said she commissioned the work especially for this room.