Frank and Barbara Foshee have a love story that spans 50 years this February. Each year on Valentines Day, near their anniversary, Frank writes a poem and has it published in the Log Cabin Democrat for his sweetheart.How did you meet?Barbara: We worked together. He was walking down the line one direction; I was an inspector and was walking the other direction. He smiled and waved and I noticed he was wearing a blue toboggan as it was winter time. There was another girl there that was interested in him, but he was not interested in her. I came in a few days later and there was a note with the song "12th of Never" (which is still our song to this day) along with an invitation for a date to the wrestling match of all places. Our second date was with him, his 3 girls along with me and my 2 girls. I swore after that I would never go out with him again, but I did. When my daughter Sandy was little she was in girl scouts, there was a father/daughter luncheon that she was upset about because she did not have a father to take her and I prayed for God to send me a good man. On our fourth date he showed me where he was licensed as a preacher and I knew then God had answered my prayers and sent me a good man. When is youranniversary?Frank: We wanted to get married on Valentine's Day, but it fell on a Tuesday that year and neither of us could get off work. So we were both able to get off that following Thursday, February 16th. Within two weeks of getting married six of the seven of us had the mumps. Best day you remember with your spouse?Frank: Barbara's 50th birthday. It was just very special, both of us were feeling good as far as our health and it was just a wonderful day. Barbara: The day our son Tim was born. We had been married for five years and didn't think that we could have any children. The last time you laughed together?Both: We laugh together every day, never go to bed mad. Why the poems? Frank: They started around our 15th anniversary. The Log Cabin was running a Valentine's Day section. This was a special way to show her how much she is appreciated and loved. I did this every year until our 42nd. In 2009 the Log Cabin stopped the Valentine's section. Then I came back two years ago and started them again. I always try to tell her in a way that she is very important. How many children?Frank has three daughters, Barbara has two daughters and they have one son together. Grandchildren?Eight grandchildren, five girls and three boys. Four great-grandchildren, all four boys. What makes your spouse special to you?Frank: In our walk, there's been a lot of heartache, good and joyous times, lots of mountains and valleys, but she's always been there. She's always been my best friend. Barbara: He's honest, takes good care of the family, has been a great provider for the family, he always laughs and has fun.What is the secret to love so long lasting?Barbara: Both have to work together, especially with a mixed family. Never go to bed mad at each other. Even if that means you have to zip your mouth and be able to both apologize. Any last thoughts?Frank: I think it has been an achievement, that two people who have been remarried to be able to last 50 years. We have traveled together as companions and best friends. Barbara: Always as God for guidance, and believe that he will guide you.