Eighteen-year-old Alex Moore of Conway is known in some circles for her art, many portraits of famous faces among them. But it is not her artistic talent that drives her success, but in fact, her lifelong dream to help others.As a biology major with a concentration in pre-medicine at the University of Central Arkansas, her biggest talents may not always be so obvious to the naked eye."Ever since I was little - old enough to understand the word - I wanted to be a doctor," she says. "I love art, but I am not passionate enough about it to do it the rest of my life."I chose medicine because I am more passionate about making the quality of life better for people, and I see medicine as a way to change an influence people's quality and outlook on life for the better."Alex certainly is a no-nonsense student, graduating early in 2016 from Conway High School and taking on a full course load at UCA. As a freshman in her spring semester, she already has the hours to qualify as a sophomore.Despite the rigorous demands of her major, she is acquiring minor degrees in chemistry and, of course, art."I started drawing when I could hold a pencil," she says. "I guess about age 3 or 4, my parents noticed what I was drawing was advanced. I started drawing faces at 4 or 5 years old. I love portraits. I feel more free to work."Alex explains that drawing allows her an outlet for stress, and in some ways, another avenue to influence those who appreciate her talent.Even though Alex's art has made its rounds in competition from time to time, she recalls the most rewarding return on her talent. Her home church, University Church of Christ in Conway, held a fundraiser and a commissioned portrait was her contribution to the auction. The purchaser had a subject in mind, and Alex won't ever forget the experience."The man suffered from [a degenerative disease], and it was advanced," she explains. "He had a service dog that passed away. When I gave the man the portrait of his dog, he cried and his family cried, and I knew that was the most rewarding thing for me - that my work touched them."Alex mainly uses colored pencils and graphite as a medium, and finds the colored pencils more to her liking. And although she is not at all boastful about her talent, an Instagram account highlights her current projects.Alex is the daughter of John Ed Moore and Kim Moore of Conway. She also has a half sister, Reagan Melton."My parents and family are most supportive of my work," she says.Alex has plans to attend medical school after college and to take her Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) next year."I have pretty high goals," she says. "I will apply at Baylor, Vanderbilt and UAMS (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)for medical school. ⦠I will schedule art classes in between."