A new addition to Conway, S7 Tactical, offers training services and a private-member, referral-based club with a shooting range scheduled to open this fall. S7 is owned by Conway residents Ryan and Tara Stephens and Trip and Courtney Leach. The Stephens are parents to Logan, 7, and Brooklyn, 4, and moved to Conway from California three years ago for Ryan's job. "We love Arkansas," Tara said. Ryan is a special agent for the government. He trains police officers in firearms and defensive tactics and has been training military and law enforcement personnel for more than 10 years. He is passionate about safety and pushing people to succeed. He serves on the security team at New Life Church, and Tara serves on the PTO at Ellen Smith Elementary.Tara is an at-home mom and does freelance interior design in her free time.The Leach family includes children Quinten, 12, Alex, 10, Bentley, 5, and Abigail Jane, 4. Courtney moved to Arkansas from Indiana to attend the University of Central Arkansas, and Trip attended Hendrix College. They met during their respective senior years working at Stoby's restaurant. In fact, their first home as a married couple is now pattiCakes Bakery. Trip is the director of finance at New Life Church, and Courtney serves as the executive director of Community Connections, a nonprofit that provides free extra-curricular activities for children with special needs and support for their families in Conway and throughout Central Arkansas. Trip is a board member for the Conway Public Schools, and Courtney is an active member of the Conway Kiwanis Club.WINC was able to talk with the owners about how S7 Tactical came about and future plans for the company. When did S7 Tactical open?Tell us a little about S7's concept.We developed the S7 Tactical concept in 2008 with an original goal to increase the safety of military and law enforcement professionals through realistic and effective firearms training. We also desire to train civilians and help make our communities safe. The mission of S7 is to humbly provide our clientele with superior service in line with their ever-changing safety needs. S7 understands the spectrum of protection needed and offers firearms, self-defense and combat fitness services.We believe in serving fellow men and women versus chasing profits. When our clients are safe and empowered and can perform actions to increase their protective posture, we have made a difference. We believe in having an emotional investment in our clients and want to have a stake in their professional and personal growth. We believe in God, country and freedom.S7 is broken into two components: S7 Tactical offers training services, and the Arkansas Gun Club is a private-member, referral-based club. The range is scheduled to open in the fall of 2017. Training opportunities are currently available, and registration information is on our website.Where is it located? S7 Tactical is located off Highway 64 between Conway and Menifee.Where did you get the ideafor such an endeavor? We wanted a facility that provided a warm, welcome, family-friendly environment to enjoy a favorite American pastime. We also wanted a location convenient for the citizens of Conway and surrounding cities. We offer diverse training courses to serve everyone from men and women who have never shot a gun before to skilled individuals who would like to hone their skills to a greater level. An element we believe will be unique to this area is the combination of fitness and firearms. We will have obstacle courses combined with shooting scenarios that will be advantageous for law enforcement and military training. We will have steel targets and more diverse offerings than most shooting ranges, such as run-and-gun elements. Describe the services you offer. S7 Tactical provides training to benefit our clients for a lifetime, giving them skills needed to protect themselves and their loved ones. We offer a variety of training courses to include firearms, self-defense and functional fitness services, as well as a referral-based private range. ... We are in the business of people. We want our clients to survive and thrive, and we love seeing our clients become safer and accomplish life goals.Do you offer classes? Do you provide training necessary for a concealed carry permit? Yes, we offer a variety of classes and plan to add more in the near future. Two classes we currently offer are the American Rifle Build (ARB) workshop and Sheepdog Skills. The ARB is an interactive workshop that allows individuals to purchase an all-inclusive parts package and build their very own rifle with the help of a certified armor and our experienced staff. We took all the guesswork out of building a rifle and made it easy for our clients to learn about the nomenclature, assembly and basic function of the AR platform. Our Sheepdog Skills class is continuous training designed to introduce students from all walks of life to the spectrum of protection. Each time a student arrives for a training evolution, they will participate in a functional fitness workout, immediately followed by self-defense training selected from our diverse curriculum. A student will build a healthy body and prepared mind through strength, skill and ability, thus becoming more confident, empowered and prepared to protect themselves. S7 Tactical does provide concealed carry and recertification classes.How do you differentiate your business? We are a business that believes in honoring God and serving people. We invest in others and help make our community safer. When our clients are safe and empowered, we have made a difference. We believe in providing excellence in everything we do. One of the key elements of S7 Tactical is our emotional investment in our clients. We want to have a stake in their professional and personal growth.Is the range indoor or outdoor? S7 Tactical is in the planning and building phase of creating an outdoor, premier training facility. We want a safe, fun, relational and desirable place to train and enjoy. The outdoor range will be accessible by members and individuals taking training courses. The range is being constructed with safety in mind. The initial plans offer:⢠50 yard, 10 lanes shotgun and pistol bay⢠100 yard, 10 lanes for bolt gun and carbine bay⢠100 yard law enforcement "shoot and move" bay⢠A BB gun and archery training area⢠A state-of-the-art pavilion for students and members to socialize and create memories.How might someone new to firearms become involved at S7? Whether you are a law enforcement officer, hunter, or just starting out, S7 Tactical is a great place for someone to hone their skills or just to enjoy shooting. Anyone can find information about S7 Tactical training opportunities by visiting our website.We have been blessed with an outpouring of support from local businesses and the community. At our groundbreaking event in February, we had local law enforcement, community leaders, business owners, family and friends there to support the vision. Our hope was that 50 friends would come to the event, and we had more than 250 people present that afternoon! To date, we have over 15 business sponsors, including Provision Storage Solutions, Dr. Thad Hardin with Banister-Leiblong Clinic, Dr. Aaron Forester with Groovy Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, C2 Powersports, DeBoard Electronics, Arthur's Beauty College, Canant Concrete, Tucker Creek Veterinary Clinic, Farris Agency, Mallard Contractors, Derden Landscape and Irrigation, Dewees HVAC, Blake Roussell with Central Arkansas Realty, Arkansas Petroleum Solutions, Brandon Baxter with State Farm Insurance, A & B Dirt Movers, Inc., Defender Firearms and Supply and Refine Crossfit. We love these businesses and are so excited to work with each of them. How is the Arkansas Gun Club involved or related to S7? S7 Tactical owns and operates the Arkansas Gun Club. The range was designed as a training facility; however, we wanted to provide referral-based, private memberships. We currently have a membership waiting list. If you are interested in being added to the list, please email S7Tactical@gmail.com.What does S7 Tactical stand for?S7 Tactical was initially chosen because we believe opinions, equipment and tactics in regard to shooting change over time, but the seven fundamentals of marksmanship never change. We believe one can always rely on the basics to succeed.The S also represents our Savior Jesus Christ, and the number seven is the number of completion. In our logo one might notice the two shades of red. ... The dark red represents the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross for our sins, and the lighter red represents the blood of our fallen military that was shed for our freedom.For more information on S7 Tactical, or for a schedule of classes, visit www.S7tactical.com. If you would like to learn more about becoming a business sponsor, contact S7 via email at S7tactical@gmail.com.