Job Title: I have a few different jobs. My most important ones are wife and mommy. As far as work goes, I'm the "Director of Preschool Operations" for Pediatrics Plus. In this role, I oversee our developmental preschool programs. We have three developmental preschool programs currently in Conway, Little Rock and Russellville and are opening our fourth preschool program in Sherwood in mid-July. Our program offers therapeutic and developmentally focused childcare and therapy services for children with developmental delays, special needs, or special medical needs. I've been with Pediatrics Plus for 11.5 years.I'm an RN by trade, and came to Pediatrics Plus from Arkansas Children's Hospital as the nurse for our preschool program. Through the years, I've been in various roles within the company that led to my current position. I feel blessed to be a part of a company with a singular focus on positively impacting children and families. It's important to me that my work "matters" and to feel that I am making a difference. Working alongside teams of people with similar hearts to serve and seeing children's lives changed for the better are a couple of the reasons why I love what I do. My second "gig" (or third or fourth as I like to call it), is helping to manage our family vet clinic, Tucker Creek Vet. My husband, Thomas, is the veterinarian there, and it's truly a family business. I do the books, payroll, and the other tedious pieces of the management; he focuses on the medicine and people aspects; and our girls help with any and every odd job that needs extra hands. We will celebrate our one year anniversary of being open on July 25, 2017. It's been a crazy, busy year, but we have been so blessed with the amazing clients and patients who followed us to Tucker Creek and the new ones who have found us along the way. Tell us about your family:My husband, Thomas, and I will celebrate our 15 year anniversary this year.We have three amazing daughters: Madden (10), London (8) and Quinn (6). We are an active family and love adventures of all shapes and sizes. All three of our girls are into all things sporty: triathlons, swim team, softball, volleyball, tumbling, and whatever else you throw at them. As a family, we love to camp, hike, float, picnic, play games, and mostly just be together. As parents, we say all the time that we're growing tiny humans. It's so true. Parenting with intentionality is so much work, but so worth it. My greatest desire for my girls are for them to grow into Jesus-loving, kind, strong women who are leaders. What do enjoy in your spare time?I don't have a lot of spare time, but when I do (or if I did) my favorite "downtime" things are napping (my all-time favorite thing), reading, and spending time with the people I love. How did you to be in Conway and/or Faulkner County? I came to Conway to attend UCA. Thomas and I met at UCA. We moved to Alabama while he was in vet school and always knew we wanted to move back to Conway when he graduated. We both loved Conway as college kids and knew it was where we wanted to plant ourselves and raise a family. We have always loved what Conway is and we equally love what it is becoming. Tell us about your EducationI have a Bachelor's of Arts in Public Relations from UCA and a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Auburn University. While my current job roles aren't strictly focused on either of these areas, I really feel that the work I do blends my two degrees in a unique way.