Jennifer and Jonathan Woodburn had a vision firmly in mind before they ever even broke ground on their new home in the Summer Hill neighborhood of Greenbrier: they wanted a natural, relaxed feel incorporated into every nook and cranny.What they created is a simply lovely home with an outdoor space that has nature-filled textures, materials and design. Built in 2012, the home features cedar and natural stone on the exterior, which blends naturally into the setting on their large northern Faulkner County lot."We knew from the beginning the feel we wanted in our home both indoors and out," said Jennifer. "As we began to build, we thought about the placement of our home so the outdoor space would be nestled naturally in the tree line in the back. We utilized the natural elements here to achieve the look we wanted."Having a space for family to spend time together remains the overarching goal for the Woodburns. Jennifer and Jonathan have two children, Ethan and Andie, who "love the relaxed feel of everything outdoors." Ethan, 16, is a junior in high school, and Andie is 5 years old.Their actual outdoor space includes a beautiful kitchen with cooking and dining areas, pergolas for shelter from the heat of the summer, and a shaded, uncovered deck that is perfect for more temperate days. There are multiple levels of decking, and custom landscaping has been added. Strings of lights add a special, finishing touch to the entire area."Both of us being from the South - Jonathan from Louisiana and me from Mississippi - we loved the thought of building a Southern Craftsman-style home. We wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoor space with both our friends and family," she said. "Growing up in the South, I can remember always having family gatherings outdoors, and it was just always a good time. So, we wanted that same feel for our family here."Because of their common vision, the Woodburns were able to put together their ideal space. "Since we all had the same vision for the end result, it made it pretty easy to work together! The entire outdoor space was designed, constructed and decorated by us as a family," Jennifer added.Although he is not a professional designer, carpenter or builder, Jonathan Woodburn has "a natural skill that has helped us tremendously in achieving our vision," his wife says. "Jonathan and Ethan built the porches and constructed the beautiful shutters that hang from the pergolas at the end of the deck. Andie especially loves the oversized swing her Dad made for her. It's a great place to nap!"As far as Jennifer is concerned, the outdoor kitchen was the most fun to design and create. "The outdoor kitchen area is probably our most favorite space. We enjoy it both in the daytime and for evening entertaining as well. Designing and putting that together was the most fun for me because I know our best times together with both friends and family have usually been around a meal table. We love to grill and cook outdoors, and we just enjoy the easy relaxed feel of everything. There's nothing fancy ... just comfort!"