More and more women are discovering the benefits of getting a blowout. Others are still asking "What is a 'blowout'?" A blowout is a service designed to maintain healthy and styled hair in between haircuts and colors. Do you ever notice how much softer and smoother your hair seems after your hairdresser gets done with your service? It isn't exactly just her magic touch. Taking small sections and using a round brush, your hair is blown out sleek, frizz free, and with a little (or a lot) of bounce. A blowout service starts off with two washes. The first wash is to break up the styling product and oil, and the second wash is to make sure the hair gets squeaky clean. Getting your blowout at a professional salon ensures that the shampoo being used doesn't fade or harm your color, and some even have built in thermal protectants. The next step is to condition the hair after the washes. Most blowout bars and salons that offer blowouts on their menus include a 10-20 minute scalp massage with a deep conditioner. Salons like The Beauty Bar offer add-ons for services, such as treatments to repair damage, add moisture, and add volume. After you are shampooed and conditioned (and probably extremely relaxed), your stylist will ask a few question about your hair type and your desired look. The stylist will then choose the styling products that best suit your needs to achieve your goal. Every blowout service is customized for your hair, and the goal is that you leave the salon free of the hassle of spending a lot of time on your hair for 3-5 days. So, how does the style last so that you can rock your style for days after your salon visit? Your stylist can educate you on ways to refresh your hair after sleeping on it, but your best friend will be dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will absorb the oil your scalp produces and add a little volume at the root to keep your hair from going flat. You may have to touch up some places depending on how you sleep on your hair, but because of the way your hair was blown out and the products the stylist used; restyling should only take 3-7 minutes. This is what one of the main attractions about a blowout is. You get to spend less time doing your own hair, because it's already done for you! Treating yourself to a blowout is an especially great option if you have a hard time styling your hair yourself, or if you have thick, long or curly hair. It is also great for special events, weddings, or even date night. Client's find that it's such a rewarding service they often come back saying "I'm hooked" and they opt to get one once or twice a week. Try one. You won't be sorry.