Job Title: Multi-Media Account Executive at the Log Cabin DemocratHow long have you been at the Log Cabin Democrat?10 monthsWhat was your first job (of any nature)?Working part time at a gas station in Roland, AR during high schoolTell us what you enjoy doing in your free time?My life was forever changed when I became a mother, and free time usually revolves around my children, which I wouldn't change for anything. My oldest, Eric (15), is heavily involved in sports so I can usually be found at sporting event throughout the year. My middle child, Hayley (12), is my bookworm, and has a love for all things educational. She sees to it that I'm learning something new each day and is a joy to be around. My youngest, Karson (18 mos), keeps us all on our toes as he learns and grows and continues to give us all the joy of seeing things through the eyes of a toddler. What music have you downloaded lately?Thanks to the wonderful technology of music apps I can enjoy a wide variety of music. I listen to just about everything, but my son Karson usually wins the music-choice battle and we end up listening to something upbeat that we can all dance around the house to. What is something people would never know about you without asking?For almost five years I served in the Arkansas Army National Guard as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. Although I never deployed, I enjoyed my time in the service before I discharged in August of 2014. While serving, I had the honor of being the recipient of the Army Accommodation Medal for graduating first in my Basic Training class ahead of 197 other service men and women.Tell us one thing you have bragging rights to (What's one thing you're really good at)?Making people smile comes naturally to me. I love getting to know new people and listening to their stories. This played largely into my decision to build a career in the newspaper industry. Getting to visit with clients and learn about their businesses and how they got there really interests me and I find myself making life-long friends along the way. How would you spend your ideal evening?The ideal evening for me would be spent cooking out with my family and spending time with my children. I get my greatest joy from watching my two oldest children interact with the youngest. We make the best memories together and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. What product does the Log Cabin Democrat offer that you enjoy telling the clients about and why?I absolutely love selling digital advertising! There are so many different avenues to go with digital advertising; whether it be targeting a specific audience or redirecting potential customers from simple searches to a website where they can find those goods and services-the possibilities are endless! My favorite aspect of digital advertising is the ability we now have to track viewers and then report back to the customer just how well their digital advertising is saturating their targeted audience. Are there other products that the LCD offers that others may not know about?When I first approach a business owner, most think that we can only offer newspaper advertising. On the contrary, we offer SO MUCH MORE! From digital advertising to creating websites and even social media management, we really can offer a host of services that reach far beyond the print readership. Additional Information:Children: Eric, 15; Hayley, 12; Karson 18 months