Randi House, a kindergarten teacher from Theodore Jones Elementary School in Conway has a new title: Arkansas Teacher of the Year 2018. She was selected Theodore Jones and Conway Public School District Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year this past spring. The entire Theodore Jones staff is enjoying this once in a lifetime ride with Randi.Randi teaches others around her many lessons that extend outside of a classroom. This amazing woman is a successful wife, mother, friend, and most of all, everyone else's cheerleader. She not only brings an abundance of joy into her classroom but also spreads it throughout our entire school. Randi shows new ways to encourage others each day in everything she does. The entire staff of Theodore Jones is cheering her along as she continues to make us all so very proud. House shares that, "The most significant aspect in this journey so far has been the amount of support and love I have received from my school and district. It is humbling to have so many insanely talented educators and friends cheering me on. I get to work alongside the most dedicated, compassionate educators and they have been right alongside me this whole journey. I am forever grateful for their encouragement." I wish I had the words to describe the moment when Randi realized exactly what was happening. The entire school gathered in the cafeteria for what we all thought was our usual monthly assembly. Little did we all know, we were in for a big treat. "The award announcement came as a complete shock to me as I never truly expected to receive such an incredible honor. Many people in my building, in the district, and from the State Department of Education worked very hard to make it a complete surprise and to ensure it was a memorable announcement for me. There was so much thought and attention to detail put into the announcement and I am still in awe of it all," said House.The teachers that I work alongside every single day at Theodore Jones constantly strive to love, teach, guide, and support each student that walks in and out of their classrooms. Randi's recent honor was such a genuine reminder that we are all in this together; we are there for the celebrations as well as the struggles.If you do not know Mrs. House, the best way I could ever describe her is a fun and innovative teacher, not scared to take a chance on bettering her students and their environment of learning. Her converse shoes are probably on her feet right now as you read this. Snoop Dogg tops her playlist favorites. Some type of cooking is going on in her classroom and kids are learning through that. Not one child's needs are unmet at the end of the day. Her passion for her career is more than obvious, just by entering her classroom. Mrs. House, you are a true example of Teacher of the Year. We are so incredibly proud for you.