None of us can escape the relentless ticking of the biological clock. As we age, gravity, the elements, and nature all conspire against us to cause changes in our skin and facial features. While men have traditionally accepted these changes as inevitable, women have not been so willing to compromise. More recently, what used to be afforded first to the wealthy and then the less well to do who consider it a personal investment, not a luxury, have turned to non-surgical procedures for a more safe and more effective remedy. Realistic expectations are the goal of facial contouring, and anyone who expects more is not a good candidate. Before your consultation it is wise to assess your own motivations. Nearly every woman recalls the first time she looked in the mirror and noticed fine lines at the corner of her mouth or near her eyes but these first signs of aging should not control your life. Still, for those who want to minimize signs of aging, it is an option worth exploring.My clients today are educated consumers. They know the products that are available, the costs, and are aware that a certain amount of risk accompanies any procedure. No matter how healthy the patient or skilled the provider, complications can arise but are very rare. With proper techniques and skills, there are products that can restore the facial youthfulness with relative ease and little or no downtime.While the aging process cannot be changed, a starting point for non-invasive treatments are recommended in the 30's or early 40's when facial skin is still supple. Because the skin of the face and neck age faster, subsequent touchups made be needed; however the overall aging effect will be minimized.With age, the skull becomes smaller, and some fat pads in the face are absorbed. The skin loses much of its elasticity and begins to sag. You might begin to think your skin is too large for your face. During consultations I compare this to being like going from a twin bed with a twin sheet to a twin bed with a queen sheet. Must all this happen to you? Probably will. Though it bears repeating that the best facial rejuvenation does not dramatically change your look, but rather it effects more subtle changes that makes you look rested and refreshed. Rejuvenation or prevention: the choice is yours. When you look good and feel great, it simply makes you look healthier and more vibrant.Aging is normal. We get older and we look older. It's called living, and at each stage that we pass through, we look different. This is an entirely natural process.If there was a secret to aging well to keep the natural beauty and charm of each individual woman, I suppose we would be willing to pay for that too. Françoise Sagan once wrote, "There is a certain age when a woman must be beautiful to be loved, and then there comes a time when she must be loved to be beautiful."