Nathan Brewer, high school student pastor at Antioch Baptist Church, has a personal connection to the city of Moore, Okla. Brewer grew up there, saying, "when I go home, that’s where I go." Brewer’s father pastors Southgate Baptist Church, the church just northeast of Plaza Towers Elementary School, one of the schools devastated by the tornado Monday.

Brewer’s father’s church survived the storm and is going to be used as a hub for relief efforts.

"I fully believe that it was kept alive to serve as a hub for that area," Brewer said.

Three hundred miles away, people in Conway are gathering supplies and planning trips to help those impacted by the tornado.

Antioch Baptist Church, Central Baptist College and Lifeword Media Ministries are all collecting items to go to Moore in the coming weeks.

Don Searls is part of the men’s ministry at Antioch Baptist Church and volunteered in relief work after other natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the tornado in Joplin. Antioch will be collecting items until May 31 and Searls will be taking a trailer of supplies to Moore on June 1.

"There’s just a bunch of us that get together and haul in supplies," he said of his past relief efforts.

In the past, these trips have been made up of eight to 12 men and a few women.

Searls said the trip June 1 is going to be a day trip to deliver supplies, but if they are in Moore for a few hours they will pitch in and do what they can to help on the ground.

Central Baptist College is another gathering point for these relief trips. Jonathan Wilson, director of admissions for the college, said the school has several students and alumni from Moore.

"We have a really close connection to that community," he said.

Central Baptist will be collecting items in the student center.

Nick Jacobsen with Lifeword Media Ministries will be going this weekend to bring supplies to Moore.

Jacobsen sent items for relief in Joplin, but this is his first time delivering the items himself.

"Oklahoma is dear to my heart," he said. "We’re going to take them until they don’t need them anymore."

Donated items can be dropped off at Antioch Baptist Church’s office at 150 Amity Road, Central Baptist College’s student center at 1501 College Avenue and Lifeword Media Ministries at 611 Locust Street.

Items needed include:

Baby formula, bug spray, bungee cords, deodorant, disposable cameras (for insurance claims), disposable gloves, dry food, face masks, Gatorade, feminine hygiene products, hand sanitizer, individual wrapped snacks, pet supplies, plastic storage containers of all sizes with lids, pre-paid cell phones, sunscreen, towels, trash bags, Tylenol/Aleve/Ibuprofen, usable tarps of all sizes, Visa money cards, Wal-mart gift cards, wash clothes/hand towels, wipes, bottled water, diapers, clothes (children’s clothes especially) and non-perishable food items.

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