Heavy rains and high winds made for an anxious, sleepless night for one Mayflower resident.

Dinah Blake, 65, a resident of N. Main St., said flooding has been a problem in her area over the past four or five years, and last night’s severe storms coupled with high winds brought the issue to the forefront again.

Blake said she received 4 1/2 inches of rain overnight at her residence, flooding the area surrounding her home.

There were water marks still visible Friday morning where water levels reached the brick foundation under her home and the first step that leads to her porch.

The railroad tracks that run parallel to Blake’s residence has three culverts underneath them, the one directly across from Blake’s house had water "sloshing" near the top late Thursday night.

"(The water) was forcing itself through there," Blake recalled.

Blake said the weather made for a stressful, scary night.

"When you’re sitting there, you can’t go anywhere and know it’s coming, it’s frightening," Blake said.

Blake called 911 near the worst of the storm to alert authorities. Blake said the police department and fire department remained at both ends of her road.

The flood waters reached over the road making driving near impossible, Blake said.

Blake’s home at 31 N. Main St. has been in her family since it was built by her parents in 1953 when she was six years old.

She’s moved away several times through the years, but said she always comes back.

"This is home to me," Blake said.

Heavy rains three years ago brought another flood to the area that resulted in the death of a neighbor when he was trapped in a culvert and drowned, Blake said.

Blake said her family also lost an air conditioner unit in the flood, which cost around $8,000 to replace.

Though flooding has been an issue, Blake said her home is not considered to be in a flood plain.

The state is expected to see more rain and possible severe weather through the weekend, but Blake is hopeful the worst is behind her.

"As long as it stays below three inches, we’ll be okay," Blake said. "If not it’s just going to be a mess."

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