Manners matter, a seemingly powerful mantra taught to children when placing their elbows on the table or eating with the mouths open, but in the 60’s it seemed that manner schools ran rampant.

In the heat of the Vietnam War, America grasped for an identity and often times, manners was the only stability. Amidst the growing pains of a 60’s child, Master Jeffery recounts his childhood experience at Mrs. Mannerly’s school of Manners. The play is enriched with laughter from the audience and brought to life with vivid description, impeccable direction, and a phenomenal troupe of actors.

Cast members include Jeannie Denniston, Trent Reese, Jordan Goodeye, Chris Harris, Charlotte Grant, Rachel Loveless and Pammi Fabert. The play is under the direction of Ashley Carnahan with stage management by Carla Grant.

"I love this play, it gets to the core of the classic coming of age story, while being hilarious," said Trent Reese, actor at the Lantern.

The show explores complex topics without being dense. The energy and movement of the show continually intrigues and stimulates the audience allowing the show to seem quick, but poignant.

The show has been explained as, "Extremely witty with tons of heart," said Brandon Nichols, a Lantern Theatre patron, "The show gives a different perspective to the sixties, it allows people to see a child’s experience while alluding to the war and other themes at the time, very playful."

Another patron added that the play was "endlessly delightful with a great message about compassion for others," said Krystal Barringer.

"Mrs. Mannerly" is a production by Jeffery Hatcher. It is presented in a memoir fashion where Master Jeffrey can stop time, repeat actions, and fool around with the scene as he sees fit, "it’s his memories and he can do what he wants to them," said Reese.

The Mrs. Mannerly cast and crew worked diligently each week to produce an amazing production. As a result, the cast and crew became close-knit.

"I enjoy acting and being on the board as it gives me a chance to work with and learn from people with diverse backgrounds. When you go through rehearsals with a group of people they become almost a second family," said Chris Harris, actor and Conway Community Arts Association board member, "acting not only gives me the opportunity to be on stage, but to make life long relationships with great people."

Show times will be Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday  at 2:30 p.m. Tickets can be reserved by emailing or by calling 501-450-6247.