Dr. Steve Magie announces his reelection campaign for District 72, House of Representatives. "Doc" Magie is completing his first term and is seeking reelection. Magie is the only physician serving in the State Legislature and is a strong advocate for patients and their right to quality and affordable health care.

"It is a true honor and privilege to serve as your State Representative," said Magie.

Magie has kept his promises and has fought hard for our district. Major accomplishments include support of the Private Option that was desperately needed by our local hospital and by many hard-working Arkansans.

"As a medical doctor, I have personally witnessed the benefits of the Private Option to our patients. Continuing the Private Option is critical to protecting jobs and health care services at our local hospital, " said Magie.

Magie has fought for job creation such as his support for a new steel mill in Arkansas. He’s kept his promise to eliminate sales tax on groceries and has supported tax break incentives for industry and manufacturing. All of which brings much needed job and indeed careers for hard working Arkansans.

"In my next term I will work to expand access to Pre-K programs so every Arkansas child will have the opportunity to attend. I’ll continue to support our public schools and fight to continue the Private Option. My record proves my dedication and commitment to our community, " said Magie.

Doc Magie’s family is rather large. "My wife, Becky and I have been blessed beyond description." Four children, grown now with their own families, including 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, make for a rather large gathering.

"Becky and I proud of all our children and our grandchildren. I’m also proud of all hardworking Conway families that each and every day work and fight to make our community a better place. Our legacy is what we do for others. I ask for your vote in November. It is truly my honor to serve all in our community."