The National Weather Service in Little Rock confirmed on Tuesday that a waterspout touched down over Lake Conway. Sirens were heard throughout the city as emergency officials responded to the weather outbreak. Officials are reporting no damage or injuries in Conway or Faulkner County. The funnel cloud was first reported along Dave Ward Drive moving East toward Home Depot and later along I-40 and Highway 286. Video supplied to the Log Cabin by Ron Thorn shows the waterspout touching down on Lake Conway.[See Video Below] // By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C // found at var config = new Array(); /* * feel free to edit these configurations * to modify the player experience */ config["videoId"] = "30225534001"; //the default video loaded into the player config[""] = ""; //the default video loaded into the player by ref id specified in console config["lineupId"] = ""; //the default lineup loaded into the player config["playerTag"] = null; //player tag used for identifying this page in brightcove reporting config["autoStart"] = false; //tells the player to start playing video on load config["preloadBackColor"] = "#FFFFFF"; //background color while loading the player /* * set the player's size using the parameters below * to make this player dynamically resizable, set the width and height as a percentage */ config["width"] = 486; config["height"] = 412; /* do not edit these config items */ config["playerId"] = 1213958654; createExperience(config, 8);