School: Woodrow Cummins Elementary

Teacher: Brooke Melton


What are the favorite books that your students like to read together?

My kids really enjoy nonfiction texts. We find it so interesting to find out so many cool things. They also love to kick back and hear good "read alouds" by Louis Sacchar, David Shannon, Patricia Polacco, Kevin Henkes, Margaret Peterson Haddix and so many more. We love to do author studies and find out just how much these authors were like us as kids.


What has been a favorite topic studied by your students so far during the school year?

They love reading and writing. We get opportunities to read and write about many things of our interest. And the best part is getting to share our work with others.   


What has been your students’ favorite class project so far this year?

Oh, we do so many things. The younger students love to be authors by retelling previously read stories and illustrating to make our own class books, and being able to act them out for other classes. The older students enjoy working through the writing process and being able to share their final product with other students.  


What are the students’ favorite things to do at recess?

The kids just love to be able to go outside and be kids. Basketball, sliding, and swinging seem to be the favorite picks.


What is the students’ favorite thing to eat in the cafeteria?

Everything is pretty tasty in the Woodrow Cummins Café. We especially love chicken rings, pizza and nachos.