75 years ago  


Scoring in the third quarter on a pass after they had been outplayed during much of the half, the ConwayHigh Wampus Cats, dressed in natty new blue togs and white jerseys, turned back Rogers High School, 6-0, at Young Memorial Stadium. More than 1,000 persons were in the stands. Anderson, Rogers’ quarterback, and Tom Mabry, Conway’s fullback, put on a neat high school punting duel. Anderson had slightly the better control, while Mabry had the best distance. Mabry and the Gragson boys (V.H. and George) got the ball in scoring position and a pass from V.H. Gragson to Mabry gave the Cats their lone touchdown. Junior Dunaway, a substitute, startled the crowd with his fine play at tackle. He played low and he was hard for the Rogers’ boys to handle. Millard Brooks, guard, was another stalwart in the Cats’ line.


50 years ago 


The sophomore-laden Conway B team romped past Clinton, 20-0. Luke Gordy dashed 19 yards for a touchdown in the opening quarter. Phil Carter ran the extra point. In the second quarter, Carter dashed 34 yards for a touchdown. The final tally came when quarterback Gary Nutter passed to Gordy, who pitched back to Carter on a play that covered 28 yards.

Charles E. Reeves, Carlton and william A. Leslie of Conway were serving aboard the Navy’s newest guided missle light cruiser, USS Oklahoma City. 


25 years ago


Mrs. Lee Greenwald took top honors and won the first place cash prize at the St. Joseph Church Christian Ladies Charity Bridge Tournament. Dr. Mary Mosley was awarded the second-place cash prize and honorable mention went to Dr. Sally Roden and Mrs. Sonia Bello. Low honors went to Mrs. Rose Balmaz.

Cecille Sherwood was crowned the first Ms. Faulkner Nursing Center in ceremonies at the center. The contest’s 12 entrants were judged on poise and answers to questions about their lives experiences. Runners-up were Elbe "Steve" Stephenson and Belle Goss. Mrs. Sherwood received a crown, trophy, flowers and gifts worth about $200.


10 years ago 


Conway Altrusans held their monthly program in the home of RoxeAnne Reynolds. They were served a barbecue beef dinner with all the trimmings, fried apple pie and ice cream. The program was presented by Marie Gregg, literacy coordinator for the Faulkner County Literacy Council. Reports were given by Ann Cantrell and Maybeth Johnston. The meeting was adjourned with the Altrusa benediction. 

Quitman First Baptist Church would hold a revival Sunday through Wednesday. Evangelist Clarence Shell of Bryant would lead the services.