"Angels" will abound at the ninth annual Survivors Day celebration sponsored by the Conway Cancer Foundation. "Angels of Hope," the theme of this year’s event, says it all.

As cancer survivors, their family members and friends, and many who have lost loved ones to the disease gather in the Fellowship Hall of Conway’s First United Methodist Church the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 28, they will be feeling the presence of the many angels — heavenly and earthly — who have comforted and supported them through their cancer experience.

Bittersweet memories will be shared, stories exchanged about the vagaries and challenges of the disease, and funny anecdotes chuckled at by the attendees at the event.

The individuals at the celebration could each tell a story that would move the hearer — some sad, some enlightening, some seemingly miraculous. But even in the sadness, there will be the element of hope. They may not speak of angels, but their hope for those still facing treatment and hope for the future as new and better treatments are discovered and used can be said to be inspired by those heavenly beings.

The afternoon, under the leadership of Conway Cancer Foundation board members, will include music, speakers, refreshments, door prizes, and special activities.

The Conway High School Jazz Band will make a return appearance. And a delightful interlude will be offered by Elisa and Daniel DeTogni, both talented young musicians.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to participate in the design of banners – (with an angelic theme!) – that will honor individuals with cancer or memorialize loved ones lost to the disease.

Another of the meaningful happenings of the afternoon will be the creation of the "Survivors Board" on which cancer survivors sign their names and post the number of years they have survived since their diagnosis.

The Conway Cancer Foundation is a private non-profit organization with the two-fold mission of providing education and cancer prevention information and providing financial and emotional support to local cancer patients.