The federal government partial shutdown has hit close to home for some at University of Central Arkansas, including 12 who have already been furloughed due to a cut off of federal funding.

Nine students and three graduate assistants have been furloughed as of Tuesday afternoon, UCA Associate Director of Media Relations Fredricka Sharkey said. These positions are usually funded through grants from the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health and NASA.

Two faculty employees were also facing furlough, but the university applied for and was granted an exemption because only 25 percent of their pay came from the National Institute of Health. The university funds the rest of their salary.

Other universities across the state may be facing similar furlough possibilities. Arkansas State University in Jonesboro has stated 11 full-time staff members and 15 graduate assistants will be furloughed starting Wednesday if the federal government shutdown did not end. In Fayetteville, the University of Arkansas has said as many as 100 employees could be furloughed this week.

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