A local cab driver said his work phone and personal phone was stolen after he met with a woman to have sex.

The cab driver, identified as a 41-year-old Conway man, said, while on duty late Sunday night, he called a girl he met the previous night to discuss a possible rendezvous. The cab driver told police he picked up the woman at a vacant house in the 500 block of First Street, and then drove to the Budget Inn on Harkrider Street to have sex with her.

The man said he fell asleep at the motel and awoke to find his work phone and personal phone gone, along with the woman. 

After responding to the motel and speaking with the man, police searched the home in the 500 block of First Avenue, but no one was found inside. While officers were on scene, the cab company's owner contacted police because they were unable to contact the driver. Police then informed the owner of the situation, at which point they retrieved the cab.

The owner told police the next day she was able to make contact with a woman on a phone number that was called the previous night by one of the stolen phones. The owner said the woman never admitted to having possession of either of the stolen phones.

The phones were valued at $400 in the police report.