75 years ago


H.C. Mallard, who has operated the cake bearing his name at the corner of Oak and Front streets since early in September, today closed the establishment.

Persons employed at the restaurant said Mr. Mallard had left the city. They did not know of his intentions until they reported for work today and found the cafe locked, they said.

50 years ago


A boat dock without boats ...a water level gauge that sits on dry land. This scene at Art Pond Landing is typical of conditions around shore of Lake Conway as the draw-down continues. There is no need for boats here as the shore line has moved out of sight. Officials said the lake had been lowered by more that four feet thus far. Crews began today cutting new boat roads. The lake will be lowered a maximum of nine feet. It will not start refilling until early next year.

25 years ago


Anthony Dunnington, 11, listened as Kevin Culwell, 11, told of the natural materials he used in making a model of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Sixth-grade social studies classes created artifacts relating to their recent studies of ancient Middle Eastern civilizations. The various projects will be on public exhibit next week at First State Bank & Trust Co.

10 years ago


To help Conway High school-East freshmen in the Keystone class visualize their goal of graduating in 2007, the students took a commencement picture. Dayna Echols helped students get ready for their pictures. Students will display their photos on a poster, along with their personal life mission goals and their personal motto. Keystone is a new class for ninth-graders that helps students make the transition from middle school and learn goal setting and study habits, along with other life skills.