Both Vilonia Elementary and Vilonia Primary School received books to be placed in their libraries, this week, promoting the understanding of wildlife in Arkansas.

Gary Wallace, a retired Arkansas Game Warden who served for 37 years, made the presentations.

"A lot of the kids, these days, learn about wildlife from cartoons or Walt Disney. That isn’t always the real story," Wallace said. "We want the kids to get the real story."

The project, Wallace said, is being sponsored by the Arkansas Wildlife Officers Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 41, an AWARE Campaign promoting the understanding of wildlife, habitat and environment in Arkansas. In addition, some of the books address rehabilitation.

"For instance, some would think the right thing to do if they see a fawn deer is to pick it up," he said. "It’s not. Leave it alone. There’s a mother out there more than likely. "

A partnership with Sylvan Dell Publishing Company, the Lodge has purchased more than 800 books that will be distributed to 70 Arkansas schools. The books incorporate language arts, science, math, research and geography. They are also aligned with state standards and offer the opportunity for teaching activities.