Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Loss prevention employees contacted Conway police after they observed a subject enter the store, select items, bag them, and then take them to customer service to attempt to return them.

According to the report, the items were worth $107, and the subject was given monetary refund. Police arrived before the subject left the store, and he was taken into custody.

• Shoplifting at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Walmart employees observed a 40-year-old male subject attempting to shoplift a razor scooter valued at $243. The subject was taken into custody and transported to Unit 2 for booking.

• Criminal mischief at 1700 block of Bruce Street.

The victim contacted police when he attempted to get into his vehicle and found that a key had been broken off in the driver’s side door. The victim said he believes someone attempted to break into the vehicle.

• Theft of property at 707 Parkway, CASA.

Court Appointed Special Advocates filed a complaint with Conway police after the group’s director said someone stole two grills from the property at 707 Parkway overnight. Combined, the grills are worth $110, according to the report.

• Forgery at 801 Elsinger Blvd., Arby’s.

An Arby’s employee contacted Conway police after a subject allegedly tried to pass three counterfeit $100 bills at the business.

When police arrived, they spoke to the subject, who advised he had recently received the bills from a man who purchased his gun cabinet.

The officer on scene noted that the bills were "obviously counterfeit," with "gold glitter poorly glued onto the 100 on the bottom right corner of the front face of the bill."

None of the bills had security strips, and all bills had the same serial number, according to the report.

The subject told police he only knew the man who gave him the bills as "Michael," and that he sold the gun cabinet through the Conway area online auction group on Facebook.

The subject said he was skeptical of the bills when he received them from "Michael," but he walked to a nearby service station where an attendant verified that they were authentic.

The counterfeit bills were seized and turned in to evidence.

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