Final p.m. update

A motorist who told police she may have had a seizure struck the front of Carolyn Lewis Elementary School in Conway Friday.

The vehicle struck the outer wall of an unoccupied conference room, according to Assistant Superintendent Carroll Bishop, at around 1 p.m.

Carolyn Lewis Elementary School is the district's newest elementary school, and classes began in the building last fall.

Bishop said Friday it didn't appear that the vehicle caused structural damage to the new school building, but brick work would need to be replaced.

Police and school officials at the school said the two occupants, a young student and parent, were taken to the hospital by a family member as a precaution.

Police said the woman thought she may have had a seizure just before the accident.

The vehicle, a Ford Taurus, had deployed airbags and a busted windshield.


1:18 p.m. update

Officials say a vehicle struck an unoccupied conference room at Carolyn Lewis Elementary School on Friday.

The female driver of the vehicle said the accident occurred after she had a seizure. The woman and her son, who was also in the vehicle, were picked up by a family member and taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Estimates of damage to the school building have not been released at this time.


Original story

Conway superintendent Greg Murry and Conway police confirm a vehicle struck Carolyn Lewis Elementary School on Friday.

Possible injuries or details on damage to the building are unknown at this point, Murry said. The vehicle was not school-owned, and the driver's name is not yet known.

The Log Cabin Democrat has a reporter headed to the scene, and will have updates as more information is known.