Since being named new owners of ERA Henley Real Estate, Mark and Tracy Tidwell of the Tracy Tidwell Team, have completely transformed and renovated the ERA Henley Real Estate offices at 1600 Dave Ward Dr. to better fit the needs of their agents in an ever-changing industry.

Tracy says in today’s real estate market it isn’t necessary for everyone to have an office space, and she is renovating the ERA Henley offices to be more open and collaborative.

"Some companies have huge spaces where everyone has an office, some have cubicles, some have open areas with desks, so there’s all kinds of ways people can function in real estate," she said.

Renovations at ERA Henley include a development area for existing agents to work on laptops, a lounge area for customers to get a cup of coffee or for agents to visit with clients in a relaxed atmosphere with a TV, water cooler and coffee area and a mini conference room for privacy.

To "shake-up" the conference room, Tracy knocked out a wall and set up multiple small tables instead of having the traditional one large table in the center of the room.

"When everybody’s here it’s not the agents and the owners," Tracy said, "telling them what they should or should not do, we’re in here with business owners because every agent runs their own business — they’re independent contractors."

"When we’re in this space we want this to be information sharing, idea sharing a learning/training area, so all those business owners can perfect their skills and grow their business," Tracy said.

The repurposed conference room can also be used for classes and small training groups.

Co-owner Mark Tidwell has implemented an in-house marketing department for the real estate company. When Mark and Tracy were the Tracy Tidwell Team, they hired individual marketers to help grow their brand and bring more exposure to the homes they sell, and thought it would be helpful to all agents.

"Whether they want to sponsor an event or develop a marketing campaign for themselves, if they need help with internet and social media or want to get involved with community events, they can go to the [marketing] department," Tracy said.

Wherever the Tidwells have lived, they’ve always been involved in their community from beauty pageant panels to county fair committees.

Tracy started working in Conway in 2000 and Mark worked in Hazen, but they lived in Beebe, so it was hard for them to get involved in the Conway community, but after moving to Conway in 2010, their real estate connections enabled them to quickly become more involved.

"We have a firm foundation and belief that when you live in a community and you earn your income from a community, you should be involved in that community and give back to that community," Tracy said.

They plan to provide ways for their employees and their company as a whole to give back as well.

ERA Henley Real Estate’s first event is a pet food drive for the Humane Society of Faulkner County, inviting the public to donate cat and dog food to be donated to the humane society during a time of year when funds are typically low.

"When you think about it, we help homeowners find a home, but a lot of times along with that homeowner there’s a pet," Tracy said. "Pets are part of the family, and a lot of people want homes with fences."

Pet food can be dropped off at the ERA Henley Real Estate office at 1600 Dave Ward Dr. on Jan. 22 and 23 to be donated to the Humane Society of Faulkner County Jan. 24.

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