Jim Stipe, The Date Doctor, offers Arkansas singles his services as a personal dating and image consultant. He strongly believes that "being single isn’t a time to look for love, but a time to improve yourself so that love finds you!" Stipe says, "You can’t be a "plus one," until you learn to be "just one."

For $495, "the cost of five bad dates," Stipe will provide marketing strategies for dating online and in the real world, including personal appearance and growth, professional ad copy and photos, successful dating tips and strategies, creative date ideas and advice for dating safely in the new generation. 

"I’ve always studied relationships," said Stipe, who majored in marketing at Southwest Texas State University. "I started in college in 1989 by creating a Mix-N-Match Dating Program and produced a Love Connection/Dating Game TV Show with "The Babe & Skipper Show" that won program of the year. 

"Years later, I started a dating business/website, MetroplexSingles.com, and was the first to introduce Speed Dating to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex." 

Stipe moved to Arkansas in 2004 and became The Date Doctor.

The Date Doctor uses a simple philosophy of "first, start by loving yourself and improving your image, and then love will find you!" 

He gives clients advice on Internet and personal safety and says, "One in three people dating online is married and cheating, and not everyone is who they say they are." 

He encourages his clients to look up any potential date at caseinfo.aoc.arkansas.gov, where one can find criminal and divorce records for free.

Jim Stipe is a relationship advocate whose personal growth goes back over 25 years. He has been associated with many singles groups and organizations that have been featured in the national media: Equally Yoked Christian Singles, The Road Adventure (featured on Dr. Phil), Marriage Bootcamp (Seen on WE-TV), The Adventure Club, Fun Ed relationship seminars, and he was featured in Hollywood Dating Blunders. 

He may be reached at cell (501) LOVE-YOU or at his website www.ArkansasDateDoctor.com.