Former Greenbrier resident. Dr. R. H. Rauschenberger, recently donated a copy of his debut novel, "Malevolent Tide," to the Faulkner County Library. In the story, a scientist and his daughter (who has Down Syndrome) are thrust into a spiritual battle in which a climate change ecoterrorist must be stopped before he sets off a diabolical plan.

"Today, people argue about whether or not climate change is real and whether or not it’s caused by humans. However, ‘Malevolent Tide’ is about the future and the importance of the Biblical worldview in how people react to the climate dilemma," Dr. Rauschenberger said.

Reviewer Dan Bloom, who coined the term Cli-Fi (for Climate Fiction), says "‘Malevolent Tide’ is a Cli-Fi novel that goes where few Christian-themed novels have gone before. R.H. Rauschenberger has created a tour de force that not only explores man’s relationship to his God but also explores the intricate issues of global warming and climate change and hopefully this kind of book will have an impact on our policy makers...Bravo!"

Having grown up camping at Greers Ferry Lake and fishing the Little Red, it is no surprise that settings include Greers Ferry Lake, with references to the community of Skunkhollow where Dr. Rauschenberger’s late grandparents lived. Other settings include Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and even glimpses into the spiritual realm. Malevolent Tide takes the reader places few novels go. It includes factual science, science fiction, and intrigue while carrying forward a Biblical worldview. The characters explore what science is really about and how a person’s worldview affects everything they see, including the value of human life.

"The Faulkner County Library is a doorway to knowledge and imagination that all can enter. It’s an honor to be able to donate my book to their collection. My goal was to write an entertaining, yet realistic story for Christians and anyone who’s searching for spiritual truth," Dr. Rauschenberger said.

R.H. Rauschenberger (PhD, Ecotoxicology, University of Florida) has authored 15 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is a reviewer for several scientific journals. An active member of a local church. Dr.

Rauschenberger has taught children, youth, and adult Bible studies. He currently resides in St. Augustine, Fla., with his wife and two sons. Read more at