So, a few weeks ago Michelle Corbet announced that Krispy Kreme is coming in basically right by my house. Oh, you don’t know where I live? I think I’d rather not share that publicly. But let’s just say for me to drive to work without passing the intersection of Dave Ward Drive and South German Lane (where there will soon be a Krispy Kreme) would require going out of my way.

Having Sonic right around the corner is bad enough, with all those tasty cherry Diet Dr. Peppers. Yes, I know how bad diet drinks are for me. My brain is probably glowing with chemicals right now. Guess what else is bad for you? Doughnuts. Deep fried, glaze-covered, artery-clogging, drool-inducing, doughnuts. And Krispy Kreme serves them hot. And they have so many varieties. And they’re going to be on my drive to work. What to do? I’m a highly suggestible person. How am I going to drive by that sign and that red light every day without my car eventually ending up in the drive-through? It just now occurs to me that I may actually have to take a different route to work to avoid the temptation. That is going to add several minutes to my commute. On the bright side, whenever my husband wants to go out for breakfast on Saturday mornings, I’m pretty sure we won’t have to go far.

Buildings for sale downtown

A bunch of us from the Log Cabin Democrat walked to lunch on Friday to wish Michelle Corbet goodbye as she takes a job at Arkansas Business. As we were walking back, we noticed the old Dryer Shoes building, and I recalled that both it and the Downtown Pentecostals building are for sale. It would be nice to see someone come in and spruce up these two historic buildings and bring in some retail or maybe a service of some kind.

New construction explained

I got word that there is some construction going on behind Splash Car Wash on Hogan Lane near Dave Ward Drive. The person that contacted me was hoping for a Burger King or something. I’m sorry to disappoint, but it is not a restaurant. A mini storage is going in at that location. Mystery solved.

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