Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Criminal mischief at Joyner Drive and Pyramid Drive.

At some point before dawn Sunday a motorist managed to crash through two residential fences and into a house hard enough to cause damage to the inside wall. The motorist was able to get the car away, but amid the destruction was a cell phone with just enough juice in the battery to work and a MoneyGram receipt, which the report says is being used to develop a possible suspect.

• Disorderly conduct at 200 block of S. Ash Street.

At around 9:15 on Sunday night an officer was dispatched to reports of a large street fight and saw "30 to 50 individuals standing in the middle of the roadway."

"I hit them with my spot light and they all started running south through yards and down the street." Officers found a knife and a pair of trousers with a Samsung phone, ten cents and a house key in the pockets and turned them in as found property. 

• Possible theft of property.

A person whose job involves local apartment complexes reported that at some point on Saturday or Sunday a binder full of debit/credit cards and checkbooks was either stolen or misplaced.

• Motor vehicle theft at 300 block of Mill Pond Road.

At some point late Sunday night or early Monday morning a thief or thieves took a Honda Rincon 650cc four-wheeler that was chained to a tree.

• Theft of property at 400 block of Robins Street.

A man came into the police station to report that on Thursday a man had asked him if he could help find a starter motor for an older Ford F-150. The two got into the victim’s older Ford F-150 and drove around looking for a starter motor, the victim told police. Eventually, the victim dropped the man off without having found one. The next day, according to the report, the victim noticed that something seemed to have gone awry with the starter motor of his own truck. He looked under his truck and, sure enough, the starter motor was gone.

• Theft of property at 2300 block of Independence Avenue.

At some point between Friday evening and early Saturday morning a thief or thieves stole a 14’ utility trailer and the 2012 Cub Cadet mower that was on it.

• More trailer thievery at 10 block of Meadowbrook Drive.

At some point between Saturday morning and early Sunday afternoon a thief or thieves took a homemade single-axle utility trailer, probably by cutting the lock on it. The trailer has what is described as a "fold-down back cage" on it, according to the report.

• Theft of property at 1155 Skyline Drive (Walmart).

A woman accidentally left her purse in a shopping cart when she loaded her groceries. She went back, but it was gone. She was able to cancel her debit/credit cards before the thieves could get into them.

• Vehicle break-in at 2800 block of Prince Street.

At about 2 a.m. on Sunday officers were dispatched to reports of a man creeping around and looking in the windows of cars in a parking lot. Soon, officers caught the man inside a car that wasn’t his. Officers talked to two other victims of vehicle break-ins in the area that night, but the only thing missing was a pair of old glasses that the owner didn’t care if she got back or not. The man was arrested on suspicion of breaking or entering. He didn’t have any glasses on him, according to the report.