Newcomers Club

What is a “club woman”? Does she owe a responsibility to her club upon joining or does she expect her club to nourish her without any effort on her part? Should she step up to the plate and join in or does she sit and wait for someone to call and invite her to functions that are already there for her to enjoy? If you want your club to flourish, it needs your ideas and your participation for your club to grow and be successful.

I begin this conversation so you can reflect upon your commitment to this club. Wonderful, talented women have guided me since I joined the board and it has enriched me in many ways, not only joining in the game part, but in the participation of planning a full year of speakers, gardening, reading new books, dining on Fridays nights, silent auctions, going out to lunches and exchanging ideas of where to go, who to see, who is the best, how to find etc. They have made my three years in Conway very productive and fun.

It now becomes a time in my GOLDEN YEARS when I must go and be nearer to my family for their convenience and for my peace of mind. Living in Conway has been a treat and it is a wonderful town to live in. I shall miss it very much. The shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, beautiful old homes, the flowers in spring and summer, the college campuses, the Log Cabin Democrat newspaper, the athletic playgrounds of all sports (that are well attended) the symphony, the music in the park, the Market, the lake and etc., and a variety of diverse living areas that surround this place called CONWAY.

Thanks to all of you
for sharing

Recalling times that
are now past

for all the fun-filled memories

that with joy,
will forever last.

— Val Temple