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Opens  Friday,  July  25

 We’ve all heard the myth about humans only using a small percentage of our brain’s potential. French director Luc Besson uses that scientific fallacy as the basis of his film Lucy.

Scarlett Johansson plays the title character, a student who the mob accidentally overdoses with an experimental drug. The blue powdery substance unlocks new powers that slowly turn her from a normal woman into a cold omnipotent god.

The film effortlessly mixes dumb cliches that you’ve seen in a bunch of other movies with a stylish flair and questionable scientific theories. The result gives Besson an excuse to stage wild unexpected scenes featuring car chases, shoot-outs, body horror and a psychedelic trip through the cosmos. While these scenes make little sense in hindsight, they’re shot and edited in a unique frenetic style that dares you to look away.

If you’re expecting Lucy to make much sense or give you something profound to think about, you may want to skip it. If on the other hand you’re in the mood for something with more style than substance, you’ll only need to access less than 1 percent of your brain to enjoy this sci-fi farce.

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