ArtsFest is excited to announce ArtsFest Couture — a DIY fashion show to take place on Friday, Oct. 3, on Van Ronkle Street in Downtown Conway during ArtsFest’s Light Up the Night event. Art can be found everywhere at ArtsFest 2014 including in our clothing. ArtsFest Couture will give artists/seamstresses a chance to showcase their design skills, win prizes and bragging rights. We encourage artists to transform their threads into a wearable work of art.

ArtsFest Couture participants will create outfits in three categories: Upcycle Seamstress, Wearable Technology, and Costume Design. The Upcycled Seamstress category will feature designs that turns something old into something new. Artists must repurpose used clothing, use scraps or recycled materials to create a new look. Those who enter the Wearable Technology category will have to use both their design and electronic skills. Participants in the wearable tech category are especially encouraged to integrate light into their designs. The Costume category welcomes all sorts of creations. Create a living work of art or wearable sculpture, showcase your best cos-play creations, recreate an outfit from a famous work of art — your imagination are your only limitations.  

Artists who enter the ArtsFest Couture contest will have the opportunity to display their work on Friday, Oct. 3, during ArtsFest’s Light Up the Night festival from 5-11 p.m. During the show a first and second place winner will be chosen by local art celebrity judges including Cyndi Minister of The Twisted Purl. Winners will receive prizes and bragging rights. Find the details and sign-up at For questions, contact Shawn Goicoechea at